Class Description:

20/20/20: The perfect blend of cardio, strength training and stretching. Using interval training of 20 minute increments, the class will fly by and leave you wanting more.
Barre Above: Powerhouse movements to stretch, tone and strengthen your muscles by using the barre and ballet poses.
Basic Step: An energetic class using rhythmic movements on a raised platform. Although step is an old favorite, expect new and exciting elements.
Belly Dance: A class with true belly dancing techniques, cardio, and dancing choreography.
Body Blast: A weight assisted toning class that is just as challenging as it is rewarding. What's not to love about a class designed to define your shape while trimming it down?
Body F.I.I.T.:  cardio strength class, toning and conditioning your muscles to get you fit.
Body H.I.I.T.: A high-intensity interval training class using body weight cardio movements to get your muscles burning!
Boot Camp: , cardio conditioning, and endurance testing rolled into one powerful class. Boot camp is for those ready to push themselves toward change.
Butts and Guts: A class named after the strength based, lower body and abdominal exercises it is composed of to get that tight butt and six-pack you've always wanted!
Cardio Boxing: Looking for an awesome cardio workout? This class is for you! Cardio Blast fuses the best that floor exercise has to offer including boxing drills and sport agility drills.Prepare for a fun and challenging class, guaranteed to get your heart pumping.
Fitkidz: Help set your kids up for success by giving them a body and brain boost by getting them physically active with fun aerobics and high intensity games they won't even know they are getting a workout.
Hula Hoop Dance: A fun calorie burning interval fusion of standing Pilates, boxing and dancing.
Kickboxing: Fully interactive class packed full of movements to increase your energy, amp up your power and teach you self defense. If tone and tough is your goal, Kickboxing is your game.
Piloxing: A high-energy, interval workout mixing the best of Pilates, boxing, and dance.
Power Pilates: Lengthening and strengthening the small muscles the major strength classes do not target.
Senior Basics and Silver Sneakers: A fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity.
Spin: An intense workout with high calorie burn. Using various positions, speeds, and resistance levels, this bike oriented class is sure to whip you into shape.
Survival of the Fittest: Can you survive? A challenging, fun high intensity class with cardio, strength, plyometrics based athletic exercises to test your limits!
Yoga: This "union" of mind, body and spirit is achieved through deep stretches, strategic poses and basic postures. For those looking to increase flexibility,develop a more lean appearance, and achieve personal enlightenment.
Yoga Plus: Yofa with some added toning exercises to increase stability.

Power Yoga: Power yoga is a fluid, powerful style of yoga that linksmovement and breath together, emphasizing the importance of movement, balance, and intention.
Yogalates: A mixture of yoga and Pilates together.
Zumba: Our newest fitness craze! This upbeat, high energy dance class seems more like a party than a work out. With basic Latin rhythms and the infusion of other movements, you're having too much fun to realize that your burning serious calories.
15 Min. ABS: A sweet and short core workout for strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles.
Kettle Bell Pump: A kettle circuit workout that will focus on form, technique, and making you strong swing by swing.

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