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  back machine

Nautilus Lower Back Machine, $600

  lat pull

Lat Pull, $1500

  stair stepper 2LifeFitness L95 SE Stair Stepper with Touchscreen, $500

  stair stepper 1

LifeStep Stair Stepper, $450


  leg extension

Leg Extension, $1500

  row machine

Nautilus Mid Row Machine, $450

  shoulder press

Shoulder Press, $1500


  blue chairs


$40 EACH

  gray chair
$40 EACH

  pink chairs

$40 EACH


March's Member of the Month is KECIA MUMFORD. She has been coming to BodyTech Fitness for 5 years now, and says her favorite workouts at BodyTech are "Kay's killer classes". When Kecia first started coming to the gym, she would only use the treadmills. After a while, she tried a spin class Kay Cook, the owner of the gym, recommended and quickly became addicted. Now she takes part in many of the classes offered at BodyTech throughout the week-- and we are very glad she does. Kecia is our biggest cheerleader and always inspires everyone in class to stay motivated and to keep pushing themselves. The exercise classes are obviously working for Kecia, as she says she has noticed she continues to get "much stronger" and grow "muscles [she] didn't even know [she] had." Throughout her fitness journey at BodyTech, Kecia says, her favorite thing about the gym has always been the people here. She says the owners and other clients have become like family. Thank you Kecia for always being such a positive energy and part of the BodyTech family!!



February’s Member of the Month is BOBBY ANDERSON. He has been a member of BodyTech Fitness since 2012 and has lost over 170 pounds since beginning his fitness journey. Bobby has gone from a size 58 to a size 38, and says it’s due to his lifestyle changes. He has changed his eating habits; doing away with fast food and carbonated drinks, and comes to the gym everyday, sometimes, even more than once a day. When Bobby first started coming to the gym he was unable to walk without his cane, and said his only goal was to be able to fully walk again. Now, able to run on the treadmills, Bobby’s goal in 2016 is to stay fit and healthy. Bobby said he had tried other gyms before coming to BodyTech Fitness and felt like he didn’t fit in. At BodyTech, Bobby said he has made friends and feels like now the people here “are like family”.  And family means a lot to Bobby, he says his inspiration for losing all the weight is “to get old with his wife and granddaughter.” 
Congratulations Bobby! And thank you for being a loyal BodyTech client for so many years!
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Kay and the Body Tech staff do a great job to make all members, new and old, feel (...)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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